Prior to your appointment, please ensure that contacts, all makeup and facial (under eye) moisturizers have been removed. It is important to keep your eyelashes dry for 24-48 hours after application, therefor it is recommend to bathe prior to your appointment.


WASH YOUR LASHES - It is recommended that you wash your lashes daily using an oil free lash shampoo or my personal favorite, baby shampoo. Use a clean soft bristle brush to lightly comb the shampoo through them, and rinse with water. Let them dry naturally.

TIP- You may use your fingers to very lightly work the shampoo into lashes instead of using the brush. Do not brush through them again until they are completely dry.

GROOM YOUR LASHES ATLEAST ONCE A DAY - Use a clean soft bristle brush to fan you lashes back into place. You want to brush through them at least once a day, not including when you wash them. It is okay if a few fall out during the combing process, we want them to come out now so they get tangled and pull other out more lashes with it later.

SCHEDULE REGULAR FILLS - Typically every 2-3 weeks. After 30 days you will be charged for a full set rather than a fill as more than 75% of the lashes will have fallen out.


USE OIL BASED PRODUCTS ON OR NEAR LASHES - This includes cosmetics, make-up removers, cleansers or moisturizers. Look for products that are water based, but not waterproof. It is not recommended to use mascara.

CURL YOUR LASHES - Curling your eyelashes with a manual or heated eyelash curler will break your extensions and could harm the natural lash. Multiple different curls are offered ranging from naturally, to extremely curly. Therefor the look is customizable to what you would like and the eyelashes should never need to be curled.

PULL, TUG ON, OR TOUCH YOUR LASHES - This can cause your natural lash to fall out prematurely and cause both breakage and permanent damage to the hair follicle. Please remember, the less you touch your lashes, the longer they will last between fills.

WORRY WHEN YOU LOSE AN EXTENSION - Each extension will fall out with it's natural during it's normal growth cycle. Anywhere between 2-4 lashes a day is considered normal.

NOTICE - If you experience any of the following symptoms, contact me as soon as possible for a free eyelash removal.

- Swelling, redness, or excessive drying around the lash line.

- Irritation to the eye itself.

Eyelash extensions should cause no irritation at all when done correctly. Rarely do people have reaction to the products used, although it is possible. DO NOT try and remove lashes yourself as it will be painful and will cause permanent damage to the hair follicle.

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